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LIFE ~the third movement~

you / LIFE ~the third movement~

バンドスコア you/LIFE~the third movement~
  1. the other side
  2. feel
  3. truth of life~featuring vocal Hachiya Koto~
  4. relation
  5. action
  6. keep your chance~featuring vocal Hachiya Koto~
  7. word
  8. pleasure
  9. come and go~featuring vocal Hachiya Koto~

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LIFE ~the second movement~

you / LIFE ~the second movement~

バンドスコア you/LIFE~the second movement~
  1. memory
  2. oneself
  3. a life trip
  4. natural posture
  5. friend
  6. fact & truth~zero II
  7. existence of the soul
  8. native beauty
  9. balance
  10. even as for the slight love
  11. far

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LIFE ~the first movement~

you / LIFE ~the first movement~

バンドスコア you/LIFE~the first movement~
  1. new place
  2. a problem of the life
  3. powder happiness
  4. various cards
  5. sweet lemon
  6. awakening
  7. a true voice
  8. home
  9. retrospect

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